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This product is proudly handwired in the Wem Custom Shops HANDWIRED


Custom Speaker Cab w/ 1x12" Fane Speaker

The difference between sounding good and sounding great might just be your Speaker Cab. Often overlooked but just as important as a great amplifier and guitar/bass, is the Cab you are playing through. Historic WEM construction methods and dimensions can withstand decades of touring as well as handle the extreme SPL's (sound pressure levels) our Hi-Wattage Speakers produce. These WEM Cabinets are Engineered to resonate 'in all the best ways' making an important contribution to the overall tone produced.


  • — Historically accurate dimensions and materials.
  • — 18mm Birch Ply for sound resonance and acoustic properties.
  • — Tour ready with Legendary WEM durability.
  • — 🇬🇧 Engineered to handle more volume and more power without "shaking".
  • — Traditional WEM badge and hand-punched and hand-numbered Serial Plate.
  • — Exclusively Engineered and manufactured Speaker pairings.
  • — Speakers mounted low in the Cabinet for increased low-end response.
  • — Handwired & professionally tested in the 🇬🇧 WEM Custom Shops.

The STARFINDER 112 guitar Cabinet might be smaller than it's siblings, but its WEM heritage means it punches just as hard as the bigger Cabinets in the STARFINDER line. Even with just one 12 inch Speaker, this 112 Cabinet can handle 75w of power (150w when upgraded to Purpleback) giving players the option to drive the Speaker or maintain a large amount of clean Headroom.


  • 1/4" Mono Amplifier Input
height542mm (~22")
width540mm (~22")
depth291mm (~12")
weight28 Kg (~62 lbs)
  • Road Ready — Rugged 18mm Birch-Ply Construction
  • Band Ready — ’Soak Tested’ by our Custom Shop Technicians
  • Touring Ready — World Voltage and Impedance Selectors
  • 🇬🇧 Proudly manufactured in the WEM Custom Shops.